FAMED - Detailed asteroseismic analysis pipeline

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Python version development


The FAMED (Fast and AutoMated pEak bagging with Diamonds) pipeline is a multi-platform parallelized software to perform and automated extraction and mode identification of oscillation frequencies for solar-like pulsators. This pipeline is based on the free code DIAMONDS for Bayesian parameter estimation and model comparison by means of the nested sampling Monte Carlo (NSMC) algorithm. The pipeline can be applied to a large variety of stars, ranging from hot F-type main sequence, subgiants, up to stars evolving along the red giant branch, settled into the core-Helium-burning main sequence, and even evolved beyond towards the early asymptotic giant branch. The pipeline is organized in separate modules, each one performing different tasks in a different level of detail. The current version of FAMED includes two out of four modules, which are named GLOBAL and CHUNK. These two first modules are available in IDL version, and are being developed in Python too. The pipeline requires some system prerequisites and a dedicated installation procedure which can be found in the documentation below.